If your device has a LCD, chances are you can use our bitmap fonts, which have been licensed by our customers for consumer electronics, industrial, medical, fitness, and other applications. VersaFont™ offers

  • support of multiple languages and encoding standards – Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Koaren (CJK), and Latin
  • different sizes – 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 pixles and more
  • small footprint ideal for embedded systems – the entire 12 pixels Simplified Chinese GB2312 character set font is only 953KB, for instance
  • superior display quality – every single bitmap character was hand-made and optimized for high quality display on LCD
  • support of a wide variety of file formats for your unique embedded applications – BDF, BMP, C, S19, and other proprietary file formats
  • flexible commercial licensing terms & options – some of the world’s leading technology and manufacturing companies have licensed our fonts for their products


Why VersaFont™?


VersaFont™ has been widely used on a large number of devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, printers, and medical equipment around the globe. The excellent proven track record of VersaFont™ means it can work for you, too! Free samples are available upon request.

We have worked closely with our customers on a variety of embedded applications and our experience can help your product development, especially when multilingual computing is required. Rest assured that you will be working with a US company every step of the way to ensure a proper integration and embed of our fonts into your product. Your satisfaction and success are our top priority.