iSuasion™ is our core technology for data analysis, cleaning and clustering with a wide range of applications involving big data.


How it works

  • Information is stored in the system as objects marked by various attributes.
  • Distance is defined to represent the similarity of one object to another.
  • Intelligent algorithms are used to calculate the distances among the objects based on the values of the attributes.
  • Objects can then be separated into groups/clusters based on their distance.


Its uniqueness

  • No need to change the database design. The database structure is very flexible for general purpose use. It is NOT designed and built for any specific industry or application instance.
  • No need to re-write the code for different data set or application. Our innovative and robust design and algorithms allow the coding of the system core remain unchanged while information for completely different industry and applications can be populated into the system.
  • Truly individual profile, not group rules, based information recommendation. This ability creates accurate and meaningful information recommendation for each user.
  • Built-in self-learning intelligence. Our intelligent algorithms look beyond just the frequencies of user hits. A complex matrix of information is stored and updated help render a decision. For instance, each time the decision making process is also stored to be used later for comparing with user’s action taken on the information recommended by the system. Based on the comparison, the system adjusts its decision making process as needed for each individual user.
  • Support of data sets across different groups or industries in the same database. This makes it possible to recommend product from different categories or industries.
  • Fast performance and enhanced security. The system core is written in C to securely communicate with database and web servers.
  • Adjust the distance threshold to dynamically change the resulting data set.


Typical applications

  • Data set cleaning. Compare each piece of information in a huge data set with the rest to determine automatically which ones could be treated as the same piece of information. The results are submitted for next-level processing/verification which is normally done by human experts in that area.
  • Intelligent data analysis, clustering, and pattern recognition. Since our underline system is designed for general purpose use, a wide variety of data files, such as image, audio, video, and text can be loaded into the system for grouping and pattern recognition.
  • Truly individual based user behavior tracking and profile analytics creation for precise/target marketing & advertising. After data on a web site or mobile app are properly marked with attributes, the system can quickly and effectively track user’s preferences to create a truly individual based, not group based, user profile. Matching information can then be located in the system and presented dynamically to each user based on user’s own profile for 1-on-1 marketing and advertising purpose.


Success stories

Since 1999, iSuasion has been used by leading higher education institutions as well as online gaming companies in their research activities and commercial applications.


We’d like to hear from you to find out your detailed requirements and how to make iSuasion work for you.