telematicsRecognizing the fact that China had become the largest automotive market in the world and the opportunity for a complete telematics solution in China powered by mature and proven technologies, in 2012, we began our discussions with some of China’s leading indigenous players in automotive manufacturing and electronics on topics related to the status of telematics hardware, software and solutions in China.


With the help of our preliminary findings, we launched the initiative of bringing the world’s best companies from the United States and Europe in wireless communication, telematics hardware, and backend systems to China to communicate directly with the local players for market and need assessment, and a possible comprehensive telematics solution built specially for China.


Our innovative work led to the successful partnership establishment. It creates a win-win opportunity for both sides – companies in China can develop and deploy products and services based on mature and proven technology in the world; world’s leading companies can bring their products to China with direct access to the local players.


Since 2017 the main focus has been on ADAS and autonomous driving related technologies, including processors, sensors, and high-speed data connectivity.