In 2009, we began working on China focused collaborations on M2M and IoT related technology, products and services. Our focus is to bring world-class technology and products to China. We have the trust and authorization from each partner to build a collaboration good for all parties involved.


We are in a unique position to help put together collaborations because we have:

  • extensive experiences working with different types of software and hardware ranging from networking, database, to mobile & wireless. The comprehensive experience makes it easy for us to have an objective view of a technology product or solution and to provide a clear explanation to partners in China;
  • a good and standing relationship with each of our technology parnter built upon our software licensing business for OEM/ODM;
  • a clear and profound understanding of the Chinese culture, government and organization structures, and how things work;
  • the ability to identify key players in China and quickly establish connections to their top management for direct discussions with their right teams;
  • the trust and authorization from each party to carefully form a strategy for a collaboration to be established and executed.


Telematics/connected cars and telehealth/mhealth have been our main focused areas. Sino-US collaboration on higher education is also in the works now.