Since its conception in 1995, Viamatrix has believed that to maintain a competitive advantage in such a dynamic, diverse industry as software and technology, the company must have a clear focus, develop specialized state-of-the-art solutions, and collaborate with its clients to build the best products that technologies can afford.


We started with interactive multimedia applications development and soon shifted our focus to commercial, database-driven, internet based enterprises applications. As the global marketplace matures, multilingual and personalization capabilities become the key to a company’s success in today’s competitive global economy. Once again, Viamatrix recognizes the market needs, seizes the opportunity, and offers VersaFont™ multilingual fonts to its customers. Wireless application was added to the company’s core business in summer of 2003 when iCJK technology development first began. Our multilingual mobile email solution, iCJKMail was released in November, 2005.


As GPS-enabled mobile phones became popular, we began our LBS development, primarily on Blackberry devices, in 2009. When more features and functions were made available in a small SoC, M2M and later IoT markets started to form. In 2010, we looked into bringing multi-function, small size, low power assumption, and highly reliable IoT SoC for China market's Telematics/connected cars field applications.


Recognizing that its solutions and experiences were relevant to the growing greater China market, and to better serve its customers, Viamatrix opened its Beijing office in 2000.


Viamatrix’s products and services have been well received by many leading global companies and organizations in various sectors. Our solutions are appealing mainly due to the collaborative philosophy of the company and the quality and values of the products and services.


Viamatrix, Inc. is headquartered in Pasadena, California with offices in Beijing, China.